Academic Information

Each student embarking on a college programme of study will study a number of modules which relate to the career area you have chosen. Class teachers will outline the modules relevant to your particular course during your induction period. Your programme is a combination of theory and practice where you will be encouraged to find information for yourself, to develop your skills in communication and teamwork.
You will work in groups on some assignments and do others individually. The programme emphasises the fact that that you must be actively involved in your own learning through a variety of activities. Assignments will be set which will help you to develop skills and see knowledge as an integrated whole.

Class Teacher

A class teacher will monitor the progress of the group and of individual students. At induction your class teacher will explain the organisation of your particular course.


During the year you will have periods when you are not timetabled for formal classes. These periods allow you time for research, reading and completion of assignments. Organising your time is an important skill which enables you to get the most out of your programme.

Entry Requirements

Please refer to our prospectus for details of the minimum entry requirements relating to your course of choice.


Participation in Programmes

Full participation in your course is a requirement and all courses involve elements of teamwork in which your contribution is necessary to your success on the course. Continuous assessment is an essential feature of all the college courses and this requires full participation. Courses are demanding and success is dependent upon commitment and hard work.

Every course/activity requires a commitment to attend all parts of the programme on offer fully and punctually. Any student unable to fulfil this commitment may be required to leave the course/activity.

Students who have been absent without satisfactory explanation for fifteen days will be deemed to have opted out of the course. In general a minimum of 75% attendance is required. Re- affirmation of enrolment can occur only with the permission of the principal

Unsatisfactory Participation in Programmes

The policy of the college is to address unsatisfactory attendance in consultation with the student.