Ecology Programme

River Ecology 101

Non Accredited course

Duration: 8 sessions, on Saturday mornings from 9.30am to 2.30pm

Commences: February 25th 2023 and training will be delivered at the Hub, Graiguenamanagh some 100 metres from the River Barrow.

Course Outline

Who is this Programme aimed at?

The course is designed for nature enthusiasts and those with an interest in ecology and the environment and who may or may not have formal ecology training. We welcome adults of all ages and all educational backgrounds.

Programme Content

The Training programme consists of a series of interactive sessions, facilitated by environmental experts and educators
  • Eight modules delivered on Saturday mornings, each of 4 hour duration
  • All modules delivered between February and April 2023
  • Hands-on practical fieldwork learning sessions on location
  • A boat-based ecology field trip on the river Barrow

Training Modules

Irish Habitats & Ecosystems

In this module participants will be introduced to the aims and objectives of the training and learn about habitats and ecosystems within the wider Irish context.

Landuse and Pressures

Learn about the pressures on water quality, nationally and locally, and the impact of climate change.

Conservation and Legislation

Learn about national and local bodies who deal with conservation and key legislation for wildlife protection. Identify practical ways to help conserve wildlife in gardens or local spaces.

Role of Citizen Science

Introduction to the practice and principles of Citizen Science; the CSSI/Citizen Science Method Learn how to record citizen science data.

Irish Waterways and Water Quality

Irish Waterways/water bodies in broader context: river catchments; water cycle; riparian zone; rivers as biological corridors; importance of small streams; Water quality. This module includes a boat based field trip.

Plant and Animal Identification

Learn how to identify plants and animal species and how to record them. Learn techniques to identification in the field.

Native and Invasive Species

Learn about invasive species and how they impact on native species. Identify how to prevent spread where possible. Identification in the field.


Learn how to identify common insect groups. Understand the value of insects to us. Learn what they need to survive and how to record them.